The Center Scholarly Project:

Gratitude, Injury, and Restoration in a Pandemic Age


This new Study at the Center assesses how religious traditions and spiritual pathways around the world account for the nature of gratitude, and how well-being is restored after injury, and trauma, a theme important for our pandemic age.


The Center is committed to advancing the interdisciplinary study of themes of that increase religious literacy and respond to the challenges of the world around us.  The current study – Gratitude, Injury and Restoration in a Pandemic Age – has begun this year, with virtual symposia of 13 Center Scholars scheduled for April 7-9 and October 27-29, 2021.  Center Scholars include expertise in religious studies, theology, philosophy, psychology, sociology, anthropology, and more.  Based on these symposia, The Center will be creating educational resources available to faculty and to local communities.  A peer-reviewed book will also be published in the year ahead. 

To learn more about the progress of the study, or to provide suggestions to the Center Advisory Council on resource development, please contact the Director of the Center, Dr. Michael Reid Trice at


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