Homelessness Scholarly Project

From 2016-2019 The Center convened scholars, practitioners, and those who have experienced homelessness and shelterlessness, in order to provide background and insights on the complexities of these challenges.    

This Homelessness Resource invites you, the viewer and listener, into these important conversations for educating both oneself and the community.    

As this resource continues to grow and evolve, you encourage you to check back for new opportunities to view, listen, and engage new information. Please send your suggestions to TheCenter@seattleu.edu 

Note: The Homelessness Canvas Resource is best viewed on a computer


Homelessness Resource Canvas Website     Homelessness Resource Website

Just published! The Center for Ecumenical and Interreligious Engagement's first text, co-published with Fordham press, is now available. This inter-disciplinary volume is a collection of essays, each of which explores the role of religion in understanding and responding to homelessness and housing insecurity in the United States. 

Edited by Manuel Mejido Costoya 

Contributor(s): Paul H. Blankenship, Margaret Breen, Jeremy Brown, Sathianathan Clarke, John A. Coleman, María Teresa Dávila, Michael R. Fisher, Jr., Nancy Khalil, Lauren Lawson, Manuel Mejido Costoya, Roberto Mata, Bruce Miller, James Spickard and Laura Stivers 

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