University Wisdom Series:

A collection of podcasts and interviews with key faculty, staff and students focusing on the value of wisdom in a University setting.


What is Wisdom? 

A collection of panelists try to answer this question and other related topics of wisdom's place in religion, Ignation Sensibility, humility, discernment, our larger communities, and what it means to be a liberal arts university today. 


  • Juli Prentice, Student at Seattle University
  • Carlos Bello, Student at Seattle University
  • Marilyn Gist, Author of The Extrordinary Power of Leader Humility & Professor at Seattle University
  • Dr. Shane Martin, serving Provost at Seattle University
  • Katelyn Mendoza, Director of Alumni Engagement at Seattle University
  • Father Stephen V. Sundborg, S.J. serving President of Seattle University


This Podcast Introduces the Center's inaugural Series on Wisdom in the University. 

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