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University Wisdom Series

A collection of podcasts and interviews with key faculty, staff and students focusing on the value of wisdom in a University setting.

We speak with Juli Prentice about Wisdom in a Pandemic, religious formation as places of wisdom, and the essential features of leadership today and power of the vote.

We speak with Carlos Bello, a student at Seattle University, in light of the pandemic’s beginning and as students and universities went mobile speaking about his projects that have let him live fully into an Ignatian sensibility, which is at the core of wisdom in the university, and his plans for the uncertain future.

We speak with Marilyn Gist, author of the new book The Extraordinary Power of Leader Humility, about humility, the important aspects of leadership today and the question we should all be asking.

Her new book The Extrordinary Power of Leader Humility is available now, visit Dr. Gist's site to learn more. 

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We speak with Dr. Shane Martin, serving Provost at Seattle University, about discernment, wisdom and the importance of universities in our lives during a changing social contract.

We speak with Katelyn Mendoza, Director of Alumni Engagement at Seattle University, about the power of alumni, how they show up within the larger university community and how they, and we, are responding to our world today.

We speak with Father Steven V. Sundborg, S.J. the serving President of Seattle University, about how universities have been seen as places where liberal arts skills can be acquired, one can gain access to knowledge for a vocation and career, as a place where you can gain wisdom, and how the changing social contract with universities has changed what it means to be a liberal arts university today.