The Center for Religious Wisdom & World Affairs is committed to pursuing scholarly and praxis-based projects with a commitment to the historic role of theology in the university, which trusts interdisciplinary and coordinated approaches to wisdom traditions in every field, which is core for any response to the societal challenges we face today.  Projects are chosen that have intersecting challenges for our lives, such as our latest theme on homelessness.  Solutions to these challenges will also require often complex and consistent responses.  Project modalities include:

  • Hosting Academic Symposia
  • Building New Curricula that benefits the classroom within the University and Society
  • Exploring Educational Opportunities that assist local to international partners and stakeholders
  • Expanding Wisdom Bases in society with ecumenical insight, religious traditions and spiritual pathways


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Image for Seeking Wisdom Series

Seeking Wisdom Series

The combined efforts of scholars, researchers, and teaching professionals to create a resource that addresses the big questions in the world and how our search for answers leads us to wisdom. 

Image for Soundings at The Center

Soundings at The Center

Each Sounding is the culmination of a day long event focused on a chosen topic that shapes how we understand the world, seen through the eyes of each member. 

Image that complements Homelessness Resource

Homelessness Resource

The product of a four year long commitment to uproot the bias, look at the origin, and fight systemic homelessness. 

Image that complements University Wisdom Series

University Wisdom Series

A collection of podcasts, videos and interviews with key faculty and staff, focusing on the value of wisdom in a University setting.

Image for Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Once a year, Christians around the world come together to pray for unity. Congregations and communities all over the earth hold special celebrations or services, and plan for the year ahead.  The week is celebrated January 18th-25th, between the feasts of St Peter and St Paul.