Our Latest Course Offering – Seeking Religious Literacy

This course seeks religious literacy as an essential good in the world today. In this self-paced course we learn how religion involves a human journey for meaning across religious worldviews, and takes up the essential issues of our day, including both respect for life around us and our moral response to others. The course feels like a journey or pilgrimage.

The modules guide the learner through a path of accessible multi-media content, including lectures, podcasts, and first-hand accounts from individuals around the world.

The course's colorful design covers the arc of a 24-hour-period, from twilight to twilight, and concludes with a student assessment of their journey.

The course is recommended for individuals or communities, and is constructed so that group learning can be facilitated by a member who coordinates discussion.

As in the past, so also in our day, with the wisdom and humanity of our religious traditions, we want to be a stimulus for a renewed educational activity that can advance universal fraternity in our world.

Pope Francis at the 2021 Global Compact on Education

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Image for Homelessness - A Center Engaged - 2020

Homelessness - A Center Engaged - 2020

From 2016-2019, The Center convened scholars, practitioners, and those who have experienced homelessness and shelterlessness, to provide insights on the complexities of these challenges. 

Image for Gratitude, Injury, and Repair - 2023

Gratitude, Injury, and Repair - 2023

From 2020-2021, thirteen faculty met virtually to share perspectives, deliver papers and discuss the impact of what the cohort of scholars began referring to as a “pandemic age.” 

Image for The Center's Guide - Faith for Earth

The Center's Guide - Faith for Earth

We are pleased to offer this Guide to Faith for Earth: A Call for Action, created through the Parliament of the World's Religions and the UN's Environmental Program, Faith for Earth Initiative.

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The Center's Guide - Seeking Wisdom Series

The Seeking Wisdom Series promotes the greening of wisdom by providing expertise across the university and community, with an emphasis upon the wisdom of faculty at Seattle University. 

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