Rev. Taijo Imanaka

Head Priest at Seattle Koyasan Buddhist Temple

In 1992, Rev. Taijo was ordained at Rengejoin, a Koyasan Shingon monastery on Mt. Koya in Japan, as a disciple of Abbot Ryusho Soeda. In 2006, he was assigned as Head Priest of Seattle Koyasan Buddhist Temple, located in the downtown area of Seattle. In 2011, he was assigned as the chef monk at Entsuritsuji, one of the oldest training monasteries in Koyasan, cooking everyday for young novice monks. Since returning to Seattle in 2014, he has focused on educational and social outreach, hosting field trips from the Psychology Department and Theology Department of Seattle University, delivering Ah-breathing meditation to the community, including homeless camps. More recently, he has been conducting a Mandala Symphony meditation weekly dedicated to the Black Lives Matter movement.

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