Tent City 3 Comments

Comments regarding Seattle University’s decision to host Tent City 3:

“I have worked on homelessness issues for over 30 years in all regions of the country and it is my expert opinion that this is indeed the very first time a university has opened its doors to the homeless population. [The hosting] will provide a temporary home to Seattle's homeless population.  It will also serve as a role model for how a university and its surrounding community can support each other.”

--Michael Stoops, Director of Community Organizing
National Coalition for the Homeless


“ I could not agree more that offering this help to the homeless is completely appropriate, not only from a community crisis standpoint, but especially in light of the University's focus on service and learning. . . . I have forwarded a copy of your letter to my friends and family with the belief that this community-focused component of my son's academic life is one of the main reasons we chose Seattle U for his education.”  

--Patty Gates, parent of SU student


“Thank you for hosting Tent City 3!  I am very impressed that SU has the dedication and compassion to take the risk of hosting Tent City.  I think this will be very eye-opening for the SU community and students.”

--John Malcomson, community member

 “I received your letter today and of course was a little apprehensive (a dad!) about security and your website assured me my daughter was probably safer 100 feet from the tennis courts than walking to her apartment after class.  Thank you for taking the time and expending the resources to sponsor this. “

--Daniel Kjeldsen, parent of SU student


“You guys are the bomb (that’s a compliment) for hosting Tent City 3. I knew I chose to come to Seattle U for a good reason.  Finally, an institution that practices what it preaches. Thank you.”

--Amie Clifton, SU student


“I just want to say how proud I am to be a part of a university that would do such a useful, provocative, practical, helpful thing.  I'm neither Catholic nor Christian, but am immensely impressed with this example of Jesuit education.”

-- Courtney Hudak, SU student


“I just wanted to say thank you for hosting Tent City 3.  Hosting them is so . . . well, it’s just so Seattle U.  It will be wonderful for Tent City inhabitants, not to mention a great learning experience for the Seattle U. community.  It makes me even more proud to be a graduate of SU.”

--Molly McCarthy, SU alumna