Seattle University Youth Initiative
Vision and Goals

Action Plan

  • Overview

    The Youth Initiative bridges the campus and community to pursue ambitious results.  Here is a brief overview of what we are doing and the results we are seeking:

    • We are building upon our partnerships with the schools and organizations in
      our neighborhood to ensure that children enter kindergarten healthy and ready to
      learn, that students are supported and successful throughout elementary, middle
      and high school, and that they graduate from high school ready for college and
    • Working with our community partners, we are supporting a full range of
      wrap-around services so that neighborhood families are able to meet basic needs
      and actively take part in supporting their children in the learning
    • Our faculty are providing consultation and research support to
      community organizations so they can more efficiently and effectively deliver
      critical services to the youth and families of our neighborhood.
    • We are increasing deep learning experiences for students arising from their
      community engagement activities; heightening faculty and student research that
      supports the Youth Initiative; and providing opportunities for staff and alumni
      to participate in the Initiative.

    Model of Engagement  

    Model of Engagement


    The Seattle University Youth Initiative is guided  by an action plan approved by the Seattle University Board of Trustees.  This plan reflects the SUYI Theory of Change and details the Initiative's strategies, expected outcomes, indicators of success and specific activities.  You are invited to read the document in its entirety by viewing the Action Plan (PDF)