Seattle University Youth Initiative


  • Boundary Map

    The Bailey Gatzert neighborhood is defined by the following geographic boundaries:

    • Northern Border: Cherry Street/James Way
    • Western Border: Alaskan Way
    • Southern Border: S. Dearborn Street
    • Eastern Border: 23rd Avenue S.

    SUYI Professional Map

    Our Community

    Neighborhood Strengths:

    • A group of resident leaders who continuously work to improve their community
    • One of the most historically diverse neighborhoods in Seattle
    • 16 Parks
    • 5 Sports Recreation Sites
    • 4 Community Centers
    • 2 Neighborhood Service Centers
    • 3 Community Gardens
    • 2 Libraries
    • 5¬†Public Health Centers
    • 7 Food Banks
    • 25+ Religious Institutions
    • Dozens of add'l arts and enrichment organizations, non-profits, and other community groups


    Neighborhood Challenges:

    • Youth Violence. Highest gang related gun incidents in the city during the summer of 2008, as reported by the Seattle Police Department.
    • Academic Achievement Gap. Persistence of an academic achievement gap between students from different socio- economic backgrounds. In 2008-2009 there was a 40% difference in the WASL passing rate in Math and Science between low-income and middle/upper income students at Garfield High School.
    • Poverty. 36% of neighborhood residents live at or below the federal poverty level.
    • Demographic shifts. Significant demographic shifts challenge neighborhood residents to form community.