2013 Survey Results

The 2013 Satisfaction Survey (the survey) was administered by the third party survey provider ModernThink to all full and part time faculty and staff in March, 2013.

The survey, designed to assess key dynamics and relationships that are influencing Seattle University's culture and performance, assesses 15 categories through 60 statements using a 5 point Likert scale and includes 9 custom statements that were written by a committee comprised of faculty and staff.

The overall survey response rate was 62%, compared with 60% in 2009. Generally, the university results can be described as "good", with several categories falling into the "very good" and "exceptional" descriptions. The strongest categories are similar to the strong 2009 results: Pride in the institution, including connection to the mission, vision and values is the strongest category with results averaging in the "exceptional" range. Data also suggests that faculty and staff value their relationships with their supervisors and department chairs; the results in that category average in the "very good" range. Finally, results in the category of "job satisfaction and support" averages in the "very good" range.

Categories with the lowest satisfaction are senior leadership; faculty, administration, & staff relations; and shared governance, similar to 2009 results. These categories are in the "yellow flag" and "red flag" ranges, with statements regarding communication showing particularly low satisfaction. In the "senior leadership" category, many divisions and colleges suggest strong agreement with the statement "Senior leadership regularly models this institution's values." and ratings are generally in the excellent – good range. Four statements in the "senior leadership" category are in the "yellow flag" range and one statement in the "senior leadership" category is in the "red flag" range: Senior leadership communicates openly about important matters. Summary of Results Summary of Results

The low positive responses in the "faculty, staff, administration relations" category is limited to the statement in the category regarding communication: There is regular and open communication among faculty, administration and staff. This statement was rated in the "red flag" range in the 2009 survey as well. Low positive responses in the shared governance category are in the "yellow flag" and "red flag" ranges for all employees, and solely in the "red flag" range for the average of all faculty.

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