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  • Printer - Connect to a network printer on a Mac OS X computer



    Connect to a Network Printer on a Mac OS X computer.

    1. Open System Preferences .
    2. Under Hardware, select  Print and Fax .
    3. Log in with an administrator account.
    4. Add  the printer to your list of printers.
    5. Specify the network printer details.

    (Optional) Select the installable option for the printer.

    Detail: Step by step:

    This guide will walk you through adding a network printer to your Seattle University Mac computer.  In order to add a printer on a Mac OS X computer, you will need to be an administrator of your computer.  

    Step 1: Click the apple  in the upper left-hand corner. Choose  System Preferences .


    Step 2: Under Hardware,select Print and Fax .

               System Preferences

    Step 3: Log in with an administrator account.


    Step 4:  Add the printer to your list of printers by clicking ( + ).


    Step 5: Specify the network printer detail.

    • Protocol can be left to its default settings.
    • Address  may be oitps1  or oitps2 , depending on the printer's settings.
    • Queue  should be the printer's name, usually prt followed by several numbers. (ex. prt435)
    • Name and Location are optional.
      Network detailsNetwork Printer Detail  

      (Optional)  Select the Installable options for the printer.



    Last Reviewed on: 2014-06-05