Supplementary ID Badges

Supplementary ID Badges

In addition to campus ID cards, SuperCopy can print supplementary ID badges for an additional fee. These are open to departments through ProcureSU. Look for the Supplementary ID Badge form to get started.

Please download the following Excel file, enter the data for the individuals being badged, and upload it with your form. All fields are required except for "Preferred Name", which is only necessary when an individual prefers a name other than their legal name.

Supplementary ID Badge Template

We currently have the following designs available. To add more or to request changes to the card templates (including images, text, and format) please contact

ID Badge Example


  • Desk Assistant
  • Desk Coordinator
  • Housing Operations and Services Assistant
  • Resident Assistant


  • Carpentry Shop Assistant
  • Electrician Assistant
  • Mech Shop Assistant
  • Recycling Assistant
  • Vehicle Shop Assistant