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IS 4910: Intro to Data Visualization

As the world continues to collect data, the demand for data analysis skills is significantly increasing. This course will be an introduction to data visualization, a type of data analysis technique that can be used by all majors.

In this course, you will become familiar with the use of Tableau; practice producing data visualizations that are robust, professional, and meaningful; and develop the ability to extract information from a variety of data visualizations that are vital for decision making. This course is designed for all students and there are no prerequisites! Please note this course will run two separate times and is only 2 credits.

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BLAW 4910: Sports Law

This new course will explore the fundamental legal concepts relevant to sport and recreation, including contracts and sports agency, Title IX and collegiate athletics, and the collective bargaining process between leagues and players’ associations.

SPAN 1150, 1250, & 1350: Spanish Language 1,11, & 111

Did you know you we offer Spanish I, II and III in Summer?  Both SU students and visiting students can step in to one or all. These classes are taught as a “virtual hybrid”, blending online lectures and asynchronous assignments.

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CMME 3910: Digital Age & Protests

This course explores how people bring about social or political change through activism and protest, particularly  through the use of communication and digital media.

What protests are effective? How can digital media be used to enact social change? Is slacktivism a thing? What is ethical for an activist to do? What issue do you care about enough to want to protest or advocate for? All these questions and more will be answered in this class. By examining case studies, understanding theory, and considering different media platforms, you’ll be able to develop and enact your own online activist strategy around an issue you feel passionate about. Spend part of your summer bringing social justice to life!

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