Undergraduate Programs

Registration for Summer 2018 opens February 20,  2018

  • Catch up on a Core class 
  • Get ahead in your degree 
  • Break out of your comfort zone and try new courses 
  • Stay on campus, or near campus, while you're in classes 
  • Enjoy special pricing for most undergraduate courses*

We are continually improving the Seattle University summer experience. Seattle University's Summer Program is dedicated to delivering the same high quality instruction you have come to expect from your SU education.  Check our Facebook and Twitter for updates! 

If you are already enrolled at Seattle University and are interested in Summer Sessions, use SUOnline to find a course that fits your schedule. 

 *A Note about Special Summer Pricing for Undergraduate Courses 

Seattle University is proud to offer a 25% reduction to the 2017-2018 undergraduate tuition rate.  Most undergraduate students will qualify for this special pricing – contact Student Financial Services to determine whether you qualify. 


Summer 2018 Dates


June 25 - September 1

Summer Quarter (10-week session)

June 25 - August 18

Summer Quarter (eight-week session)

June 25 - July 21

Summer Quarter (1st four-week session)

July 23 - August 18

Summer Quarter (2nd four-week session)

August 20 - September 15

Intersession Quarter