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Let's be real.. life is challenging right now. But don't worry, the Summer Programs team has your back! We put together three Care Packages filled with all of the essentials to help you get through summer quarter. BONUS! We also have a very limited number or RQ branded power banks that we will be randomly giving out to students that sign up and take summer classes. All you have to do is....

1. Register for 1, 2, 3+ summer courses

2. Fill out a Marketplace form letting us know which Care Package you qualify for, where we should send it, and if you are interested in putting your name in the drawing for a power bank 


Image for RQ Care Package 1

RQ Care Package 1

Register and take one class to be eligible to receive Care Package 1. One. Single. Class!

The RQ Care Package 1 comes with a pocket folder, a lighter, a webcam cover, and a chip clip with magnetic back!

Image for RQ Care Package 2

RQ Care Package 2

If you register and take two summer courses you are eglible to receive Care Package 2 AND Care Package 1!

The RQ Care Package 2 comes with a whistle, a three colored pen, a PopSocket, and a carabiner!

Image for RQ Care Package 3

RQ Care Package 3

Getting serious? Register for three summer courses and you are eligible to receive Care Package 3 AND Care Package 2 AND Care Package 1! 

The RQ Care Package 3 comes with an AirPod case cover, USB wall plug, PopSocket, and a chip clip with a magnetic back!

Image for Bonus Care Gift

Bonus Care Gift

Do you find yourself in the airport/coffee shop/library/classroom needing to charge your phone but all the plugs are taken? The RQ team has your back!

By signing up and taking at least one summer class you will have the chance to win 1 of our 20 RQ power banks. If you are interested in this opportunity, please answer 'yes' on the Marketplace Form.

We've Got Your Back!