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Nicholas Johnson

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A graduate of Gonzaga Preparatory School in Spokane, WA, Nick was the varsity captain hurdler on the track and field team, president of the “God Squad,” and a section leader in the pep and symphonic bands. He was active in Drama and served as president of the El Salvadoran Solidarity Committee. Nick was president of Voices for Peace and Life, played clarinet in a liturgical band, and coached a third-grade girls’ basketball team. Nick is a member of National Honor Society and received the John Hopkins Talented Youth Award, the Dr. Traynor Justice Award and a Condon Family Science Scholarship.


College Activities

  • KSUB disk jockey
  • Pep Band


On Leadership...

A major part of receiving the Sullivan Scholarship is, not surprisingly, a reflection on your part as a leader in your community throughout high school. Starting this year I was rather terrified of the potential results taking this leadership based scholarship would then have on my life the next four years. I do not think I could mentally or physically handle four more years of four-hours-of-sleep-per-nighters nor the wave of constant pressure. Fortunately, upon starting this year I have thankfully already experienced the release of much of this tension. I was affirmed right away of the “healthy” growth of a leader--the careful nurturing of potential. Taking in a deep breath for the first time in a while, I have been able to spend much more time developing my inner self, understanding that an effective leader cannot hope to understand whomever they are to ever lead, if they cannot understand themselves.

The actual monetary bonus of the scholarship has clearly allowed an increase in allocated time for introspection, seeing that the burden of a sub-double-digit hourly-wage job is no longer necessary to keep us afloat; however, having the direct encouragement to first acclimatize to college life and study myself, before initiating my justice-driven service career has been truly relieving and reward in itself. Old habits dying hard, I registered quickly for a collage of different activities.  After quickly realizing my mistake and deciding to cut back, i felt no pressure within the Sullivan community, or the Seattle University community, to force or guilt me to stay with any activity that I could not give my full commitment.  Seattle U and the Sullivan community have already begun doing an excellent job organically harvesting my full potential. “Leadership is unlocking people's potential to become better (Bill Bradley).”

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Nick Johnson


Spokane, WA

High School:
Gonzaga Prepratory School