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Sean Clavere

About Sean Clavere

A graduate of Oak Ridge High School in El Dorado Hills, CA, Sean was a member of the varsity swim team and captain of the JV water polo team. He received a varsity letter in music, was active in marching band and symphonic band, and played with the Jazz Ensemble. Independently, Sean has pursued song writing and composition, sang lead vocals, and played guitar, percussion, and harmonica. He worked to raise money for the Goma School Fund in the Congo as the founder and developer of the annual Reach Out and Teach benefit concert. Sean performed for the Sacramento Special Olympics and for Blood Source.


College Activities


  • Seattle University Grounds Department, Student Gardener
  • Seattle University and Men's Chorales
  • Chapel Singers, guitar and vocals
  • Solo and group musical performance and composition
  • Urban fold music ministry


On Community...

I often see myself as a lonely traveler, working for something that nobody understands, amidst a pain that nobody sees, and striving for a joy that nobody cares to share.  But time and time again I am proven that this is simply not true. It is in these moments of revelation that I feel like old Ebenezer Scrooge upon waking on Christmas morning, running out into the streets of London with a desperate longing to share a moment with someone.  To be quite honest, the most important lesson I am continually learning here in Seattle is Love.  This is what forms the Sullivan community. I see so much more than a group of individuals working towards their own paths of fulfillment.  I see people who run through volunteer park together, stand by each other in times of home-sickness and heartache, have cooking parties, sing folk songs, and serve an ever-changing hope in the world.  Even when my mood is darker than the skies above, I try to carry this feeling over into every facet of my life.  When I hang out with the homeless while working grounds, travel the country, perform Rock’n’Roll, share a meal with a friend, and live upon these city streets, I try to keep a flame of compassion going amidst the storm that can rage a man’s heart. 



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Sean Clavere


El Dorado Hills, CA

High School:
Oak Ridge High School

English & Music