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Ashwin Warrior

International Service/Study



About Ashwin Warrior

Ashwin Warrior is an economics major with a double minor in history and English literature. He is a graduate of the University Honors program. On campus, Ashwin has participated in, and served as, the student leader for Seattle University's delegation sent to protest the School of The Americas at Ft. Benning Georgia. He is co-president and founder of Seattle University Students for South Asia, a member of the City of Rain Supporters, and a representative on the Student Executive Council. Off campus, he volunteers as a youth mentor at the King County Juvenile Detention Center and with the non-profit, Street Soccer Seattle. Ashwin has traveled to Italy through Seattle University's Italy Study Abroad program, and most recently spent two quarters in India volunteering with the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta, studying Hindi, and traveling. His true passion is writing. He has worked for the past two years on campus as a consultant at Seattle University's writing center and has had his work published in various on campus publications and accepted to the National Conference on Undergraduate Research.


College Activities

  • Seattle University Writing Center Consultant
  • School of the Americas Protest Student Leader
  • City of Rain Supporters Club Member
  • University Honors Program

On Service…

I realize my vision of service has changed radically since coming to Seattle University. While in high school I viewed it as limited to a service I could provide or a tangible act I could perform in my local community.

My time at Seattle University has taught me to expand my outlook when considering how and where service can appear. This past year I have been heavily involved with the movement to close the School of the Americas. I have traveled to Georgia to protest outside the gates of the school and to Washington D.C. to lobby my congressperson to vote against it. My understanding of service has grown, when I speak out against the School of the Americas I am standing in solidarity with the victims of its graduates. It is a different sort of service, but a powerful one nonetheless.

I know that no matter my future major or career, service will be a large component of it. I am currently a Pre-major, essentially undecided, but have found the avenue of service to be a useful tool for discernment. This past summer I traveled to India and spent time working at a nonprofit school that helps to educate impoverished Muslim girls. I have always felt that I want my career to have an international facet; my experiences this summer definitely confirmed this desire. Ultimately, I see service as the foundation for the inspiration of the Sullivan Program. The blessings the award provides are not wasted if put towards the good of those less fortunate. 

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San Jose, CA

High School:
Bellarmine College Preparatory

Economics, double minor in History and English