Sullivan Leaders' Day

The following information is provided for Sullivan Leaders' Day participants who previously applied by November 30, 2022. To RSVP, please log into your Applicant Status Portal. Students that have been invited to attend Leaders' Day should see an invitation link at the top of their portal

Family Program

Family members are invited to attend the Family Virtual Program (though attendance is not mandatory). More information will be available in early January 2023.


We invite Leaders' Day participants to dress comfortably.  A wide range of apparel is welcome including: jeans, button-up shirts, blouses, sweaters, sweat shirts, polo shirts, slacks, comfortable dresses or skirts. We encourage students to wear comfortable shoes as Leaders' Day involves a good deal of walking.  We recommend students avoid wearing casual or graphic t-shirts, clothing with rips or tears, sweats, and workout attire.

The Essay

Participants in Sullivan Leaders' Day will be asked to write responses to prompts given at the start of the essay writing. The prompts for the Leaders' Day writing portion of the day will be based on the three required articles. Any additional reading or research will give you valuable depth for writing your responses and for discussions throughout the day. Come prepared to write from your own perspective and also show that you have considered other perspectives. 

The essay prompt and copies of the three required articles will be provided prior to the writing session.  Please bring a laptop or tablet to use during the essay portion of the day.  Computer labs will be open for students unable to bring their own device.  Please email Colleen Fettig at if you will need to use a computer in the computer lab.

Required Reading

Please read the following articles and listen to the podcast in preparation for the essay and discussion on Sullivan Leaders' Day:

"The Morally Troubling 'Dirty Work" We Pay Others to Do In Our Place" By Tamsin Shaw (

"Life in the Shadows" By Nancy Isenberg (

"This Book Introduces You to the People Doing Your 'Dirty Work'" By Dave Davies (