Award Application

The Sullivan Leadership Award application consists of three components that may be submitted using our online application. Please note that you will be given access to this application after your Common Application has been submitted and processed by Seattle University. The instructions below are to help you plan and prepare.


Write an essay introducing yourself to the Selection Committee. In this essay, please address the following points:

  • Describe your leadership style and how you anticipate its growth over time
  • Name one social or environmental justice issue you are passionate about and describe how you are involved
  • Pick one of the five Sullivan Leadership Program values (academic excellence, leadership & service, spirituality, global engagement and community) and explain how it resonates with you

Be sure to include specific examples of your school and community activities in the essay. You may organize your response however you think works best to clearly communicate your experiences and perspectives.

Please limit the essay to two double-spaced pages. The online form supports Word documents and PDF files.

Leadership Resume

Please provide a resume of service and leadership experiences. This may include experiences in student government, athletics, the arts, religious service groups, community service and part-time employment. It is appropriate to note service trips and education abroad experiences here as well. Awards, special recognition, and honor society memberships should be included.

Please follow the format and instructions given on the Sullivan Resume sample. DO NOT include GPA or test scores. Please limit the resume to two pages. 

Two Letters of Recommendation

We require one letter from a classroom teacher; the second letter may come from a counselor, teacher, supervisor, coach, or another individual familiar with your leadership and service efforts at school or in the community. Letter writers are encouraged to address your academic performance, oral and written communication skills, interactions with peers and adults, level of responsibility, and community involvement.

You will have the opportunity to nominate two recommenders as part of the application process. If you choose to use the letters of recommendation you provided for the Common Application, please note that your recommenders will need to resubmit them using the online submission process specific to the Sullivan Application.

If your recommenders do not have access to email or cannot wait until after you have submitted the Common Application, you may use the attached Sullivan Recommendation Form here for them to submit to Seattle University. 

You will be given access to the Sullivan Application after your Common Application has been submitted and processed by Seattle University. Please view the video below on how to apply.

Instructions on how to apply to the Sullivan Leadership Award