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Sullivan Leadership Award
Seattle University Admissions Office

Phone: 206-220-8040
Toll-free: 800-426-7123
Fax: 206-296-5656

Photo of Adair Dingle, Ph.D.

Adair Dingle, Ph.D.

Professor, Computer Science & Software Engineering

Phone: 206.296.5516

Photo of Jason Moy

Jason Moy

Senior Associate Director of Admissions

Phone: 206-296-5804

Building/Room: Vi Hilbert Hall

Photo of Colleen Fettig

Colleen Fettig

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 206-296-6101

Building/Room: Vi Hilbert Hall

Photo of Mary-Antoinette Smith, Ph.D.

Mary-Antoinette Smith, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, English
Director, Sullivan Leadership Program

Phone: 206-296-5415