Recycling Right at Seattle University

Posted: October 26, 2021

The SU Facilities department has noticed an increase in recycling contamination in our campus waste stream. The major contaminators they are consistently finding are: Styrofoam, plastic films and bags, food waste, liquids, clothing and electronics. These items cannot be placed in the blue bin, but instead should be trashed, composted or recycled separately through one of the many innovative specialty programs on campus. It is up to all of us to think before we throw and to educate those around us to clean up our recycling stream. The entire Seattle University community is being asked to make improvements, and here is how to help:

  • Put the right stuff in the right bins. Use this “Where does it go flyer” to help you.
  • Make sure all recyclables are reasonably empty, clean and dry.
  • Do NOT recycle Styrofoam, plastic films, food waste, liquids, electronics, or clothing in the blue bin. Seattle University has specialty recycling programs for Styrofoam, plastic films, electronics, clothing and more.
  • Check out this media toolkit for digital and printable signage to use in your office, kitchen, residence hall, collegium, bulletin boards, etc. to spread the word on campus!
  • Looking for more information on how SU recycles right? Check out the SU Compost & Recycling page to find more information about waste management on campus and how you can suggest opportunities and get involved.

Thank you for your efforts to make Seattle University one of the most sustainable universities in the nation!