Orientation Leader Nominations for 2022-23 Academic Year

Posted: November 9, 2021

Orientation Programs looks forward to collaborating with faculty and staff to recruit the next fantastic team of all-star Orientation Leaders! They invite you to take a minute to nominate outstanding undergraduate students who would benefit from further developing their leadership skills by becoming Orientation Leaders. You are invited to submit nominations here.

A position description is available at Orientation Leaders.

Orientation Programs acknowledges that representation matters and would love to hear about students who are underrepresented on our campus (transfer students, commuters, veterans, adult learners, students of color, etc.). Any and all nominations and applications are welcome. The Orientation team is already hard at work on the recruitment and selection process, and is more than happy to e-mail, text, chat or meet with interested candidates. Feel free to contact them or have students reach out  orientation@seattleu.edu with any questions. The application deadline is Feb. 11, 2022.