Kinesiology Mobile Lab Open House

Posted: November 9, 2021

Tuesday, Nov. 16, 12:30–1:30 p.m.
West side of Jim and Janet Sinegal Center for Science and Innovation

Join the Kinesiology Department for a celebration of their new mobile lab. Students, faculty and special guests, along with interested attendees, will participate in demonstrations of the equipment in the lab and will learn how they are used in the department’s work. 

The demonstrations will repeat continuously throughout the open house. Four stations will have demonstrations set up for viewing:

  • Students will wear insoles/GPS to complete a cutting drill or a one-on-one competition and the data will be represented on iPads and laptops.
  • A professional dancer will wear a motion capture suit and you can watch the avatar mimic the movements on the laptop.
  • A student will be on a bicycle (not an ergometer; the department has one of the rollers that turns a bike into a stationary bike) wearing an oxygen mask and eight-lead ECG, with the results visible on the desktop.
  • A cellist will play while wearing sensors that track fine motor control movements on his dominant playing hand.
  • Ultrasound: Watch your forearm muscles contract as you flex your fingers and wrists.
  • EMG (electromyography): Sensors attached assess how much a muscle is contracting. Sensors will be placed on the forearm for friendly arm wrestling competitions.
  • Barbell weight lifting with our velocity-based system will show you how much power you are using when you lift.
  • Test your vertical jump with Vertec and see who makes the leaderboard for the highest jump.

The Kinesiology Department developed the mobile lab to provide undergraduate and graduate students valuable research opportunities in communities throughout the region. The mobile lab will demonstrate SU’s commitment to community engagement in a variety of partners. It also illustrates the potential for developing interdisciplinary approaches to field research—engaging a wide variety of sectors with interest in human function and performance and the positive impact that exercise can have on the whole person. The mobile lab is made possible through funding from Dean’s Excellence Fund and Novel USA.