Introducing SU Today

Posted: November 9, 2021

We are pleased to announce the launch of SU Today, a new site dedicated to university messages, information and events. The main objectives of SU Today are to: 

  • Create a one-stop hub for internal communications and make it easier for faculty and staff to find campus messages and announcements.
  • Support the university's continued move toward reducing the number of stand-alone announcements that are e-mailed to the campus community. 

What is SU Today? 

In this initial phase, SU Today will feature the kinds of items you’ve been accustomed to seeing in our faculty and staff announcements, which are sent on Tuesdays and Thursdays during fall, winter and spring quarters and on Wednesdays during summer. 

Longer term, the plan for the site is to more fully integrate other campus-wide messages and serve as a hub for internal SU communications. In the meantime, you’ll notice that SU Today includes links to other pages on which many key university-wide messages and announcements are posted (e.g. President’s Updates, Provost’s Messages, Student Announcements, etc.). This is the first step in SU Today becoming a hub for internal communications. 

What are the benefits of SU Today? 

Up until now, faculty and staff have had to rely exclusively on the regular Tuesday/Thursday announcements for events and information. At SU Today messages and campus news will be posted regularly so you don’t have to wait for the e-mail. The site also makes it easier to search for all the current announcements.  

Will regular announcements still be e-mailed to faculty and staff? 

Yes. Campus announcements will continue to be sent to faculty and staff on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The e-mail version of SU Today will feature the latest items on the site. You’ll notice a few notable changes to the e-mail: 

  • As with recent editions of Inside Seattle U, we will be using a platform hosted by Axios to send the e-mails. Among other features, this provides a more mobile-friendly viewing experience as well as the opportunity to track readership (which is not possible in Outlook).

  • For most items featured in the e-mails, a header and brief summary will appear and link to the full message on the SU Today site. This streamlined format will allow readers to more quickly scan the announcements and link to the full messages that interest them most. 

Here's a glimpse of what the SU Today e-mail editions will look like:

As the SU Today site evolves to more fully integrate other university messages, the plan is to also include more of these announcements in the e-mails. This will allow us to reduce the number of stand-alone messages sent to the campus community. 

How do I submit an announcement for SU Today? 

Along with the new site and e-mail delivery mode there’s a new submission form: Request a campus announcement.

Using this form will be the quickest way to get your announcement posted to SU Today and to be featured in the e-mailed version. (The “Announcement Title” and “Summary” fields are typically what will appear in the e-mailed version of SU Today.)

In order to be highlighted in an e-mail edition of SU Today, announcements must be submitted by noon on the prior day (Mondays for Tuesday announcements, and Wednesdays for Thursday announcements). This request has long been in place but will be even more important as we move to a new process for posting and disseminating announcements. 


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