Student Development
Students of Concern Committee

Students of Concern Committee

  • In an effort to enhance already existing processes, care for the holistic development of our community and as a means to align Seattle University with emerging national standards relative to dealing with troubled and/or at risk students a Students of Concern Committee (SOCC) was formed.

    The charge of the Students of Concern Committee is to assess circumstances, enhance communication, and initiate appropriate responses to specific behavioral problems that may involve threats to the safety and security of the University community.

    The Students of Concern Committee meets on a weekly basis and can be convened by any member of the team at any time to respond to concerning situations. The following are members of the Students of Concern Committee:

    • Darrell Goodwin, Dean of Students
    • Alvin Sturdivant, Associate Vice President for Student Development
    • Mary Petersen, Vice President and University Counsel
    • Kimberly Caluza, Director, Counseling & Psychological Services
    • Natch Ohno, S.J., Assistant to the Vice President for Student Development
    • Timothy Marron, Executive Director, Department of Public Safety and Transportation
    • Tammy Liddell, Director, Campus Ministry
    • Maura O'Connor, Director, Student Health Center
    • Nicole Hoyes-Wilson, Associate Director, Residential Education
    • Carol Schneider, Director of Student Academic Services
    • Joelle Pretty, Director of Premajor Studies & Academic Persistence System
    • Kate Elias,¬†Assistant Dean & Advising Coordinator,¬†College of Arts & Sciences
    • Richard Okamoto, Director, Disabilities Services
    • David Lance,¬†Assistant to the Executive VP, Assistant University Counsel
    • Other members as deemed necessary by the Committee

    The Students of Concern Committee's authority is derived from the already existing authority of the individuals who comprise it; SOCC will not be endowed with any additional authority; and the team will not create new policies or rules, rather they will work within existing rules and policies and propose any new rules or policies through existing processes.

    For more information about the Students of Concern Committee, please contact Darrell Goodwin, Associate Dean of Students, at 206.296.6060 or by email at