Building Engagement through the Core Curriculum

The Core Curriculum is an important unifying experience for Seattle U undergraduates and encouraging student engagement in Core courses can serve as a key part of a new student’s successful transition. Beginning in the Fall of 2018, UCOR 1100 and UCOR 1400 Core courses will be taught as Engagement-Focused sections in order to help acclimate new students to university expectations and to help encourage greater connection to SU.

Engagement-Focused sections of 1100 and 1400 will include the following features:

  • Faculty email outreach to students over the summer welcoming them and setting expectations for the course;
  • A low-stakes assignment early in the term that will give students early and direct faculty feedback;
  • The use of Starfish by faculty at midterm to provide feedback to students and to advising staff;
  • Time in class discussing advising and registration process before those processes begin.

Additionally, faculty teaching Engagement-Focused sections will be invited to apply for funding in order to incorporate co-curricular activities into their classes such as: taking students to a play, performance, or public lecture; inviting students to on-campus events related to the theme of the course; inviting guest speakers into classes.

In addition to the above initiatives, the Core will launch a pilot consisting of three themed clusters of three first-year seminars, led by a team of Core faculty and student mentors, that will offer co-curricular programming in Fall quarter and faculty-hosted events throughout the year.

Finally, in order to ensure that faculty have adequate office space in order to meet with students, the Core will work to establish baseline office space criteria for all faculty teaching in the Core.

Led By: Kate Koppelman, University Core Curriculum, Associate Professor, Department of English