Student Billing and Payment
Paying my Bill

Reading the Registration & Payment Invoice

  • The Registration and Payment Invoice is quarter-specific and has up to five (5) sections. The actual information shown on the invoice depends on the details of the student's individual registration, financial aid, personal or donor/sponsor payments and/or payment plan.


    Charges include tuition for the current quarter's registration, fees and, if applicable, room and/or board charges. Recent changes to registration, housing or meal plans prior to the date of the invoice may not be reflected.


    Payments reflect any payments received, including financial aid, prior to the invoice date.

    Estimated Financial Aid and/or Other Payments

    Estimated Financial Aid and/or Other Payments reflects any estimated financial aid and/or anticipated payment plan payments.

    Payment Options and Method of Payment

    Payment Options and Method of Payment provides the opportunity for students to determine how they wish to pay the balance due. There are several options to choose from based upon individual circumstances. If choosing to pay by credit card, please note that credit card payments can only be made online, and that there is an additional fee for this service. The University can only accept credit card payments for the balance due as shown on the invoice.

    Balance Due

    Balance Due is the estimated balance due followed by the date payment is due. A minus sign (-) before the amount due indicates a credit balance. In this case, payment should not be made and students should see Credit Balance Processing for more information.

    Financial Aid Recipients

    Financial aid recipients who have questions about the status of pending financial aid items should contact Student Financial Services.

    Financial aid recipients have the right to reject or request a reduction in some or all aid funds awarded to them, even if that aid has been disbursed to their student account.  To do this, students must notify the Student Financial Services Office in writing within 14 days of disbursement.  An email from the student's SU email account satisfies the requirement for written notification. 

    Cancelation of aid funds may result in an unpaid account with Seattle University unless the amount due is paid by the tuition due date for the current quarter. An unpaid balance on the student's account may prevent future registration and/or the ability to obtain transcripts and/or the student's diploma, so the Student Financial Services Office highly recommends that students contact their office to discuss all of the possible ramifications before taking this action.

  • Statements and Registration Invoices

    When student account invoices are ready for viewing at SUOnline, notifications are sent to students' SU email addresses.  Notifications are also sent when invoice revisions result in an increase or decrease to the balance due.
  • Keep Local Contact Info Current

    Students can update their local mailing address and phone number by logging on to SUOnline and selecting "Change Address" from the User Account section of the Student Menu.
  • Check the Student's Invoice Often

    Changes to a student's enrollment and financial aid can change the balance due on their student account. It is important, especially during the few weeks prior to the beginning of each quarter, to routinely check the student's account balance by logging on to SUOnline and clicking on "View My Bill" in the Student Billing and Payment section of the Student Menu.