First-Gen Faculty & Staff

Sujeong Kim

Sue Kim Photo

Assistant Professor, College of Nursing Library Liaison


Nursing, Catholic University of Korea, 2004

PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago


What does being first-gen mean to you?

No resources that many of my colleagues have.
What challenges/barriers have you faced or overcome during college?

It was difficult to find the motivation and meaning of what I am doing because I couldn't know what it would look like in future
What resource(s) or support helped you to be successful?

Having friends and asking to share the information or resources that they have. Having a great role model I can resemble.
Do you have an inspirational quote that helped guide you through college?

Everyone has their own situation. Actively ask help or what you want to get, what you need. And actively look for the resources you can get.
What advice would you give to someone else who is also first-gen?

The easy way is to find a great role model, someone who you want to follow.