Commuter Link Staff

Photo of Leslie Ikeda

Leslie Ikeda

Graduate Coordinator

Building/Room: PAVL 150

I am a proud 206-Seattle local where the mountains, evergreen trees, and rainy seasons have always been my home. I received my bachelor's degree from the University of Washington in American Ethnic Studies and was a commuting student throughout my time as an undergrad. Post-graduation, I felt strongly about remaining connected to the institution that had given me so much heartache while also many opportunities as a first-generation college student. My time there would be committed to academic support and student success and ultimately fuel my interest for pursuing a Master's degree at Seattle U's Student Development & Administration program. As the Commuter Link Coordinator, I am excited to support the engagement of our commuter student community and help students get connected to campus despite a busy and tight commuter schedule. Outside the office, you'll find me in the company of my two cats, Kaelo and Miyu, coaching my youth basketball girls team, or enjoying Seattle's delicious food and coffee scene with my partner.

Photo of Suebynn Chun

Suebynn Chun

Lead Collegia Advisor

Building/Room: 1103 Building RM 105

Hi everyone! My name is Suebynn Chun and I'm a Senior this year at Seattle U and my major is in Music. I have been a Collegia Advisor for three years now and I have been enjoying every moment of it! While working with and being apart of the commuter student community, I've been able to help other students as well as myself grow throughout our experiences as students coming from off campus.
If I were to give an advise to the first and second year commuter students I would want to say, explore every part of campus and connect with all types of students. By doing this you can learn about activities/programs/events provided by, not just the Collegia Program but SU in general! Widen your experience while you are here!

Photo of Anjani Ludu

Anjani Ludu

Collegia Advisor

Building/Room: 1103 Building RM 105

Hi, there! My name is Anjani Ludu and I'm currently a junior here at Seattle University. I am a Sociology major and hoping to go into law when I graduate! I am also a Collegia Advisor and primarily work in the Commuter Link. I have worked in the Link for two years now and my favorite part of my job is getting t create lasting relationships while also supporting students throughout the span of each year. If I had any advice for first or second commuter students, it would be to utilize all the services provided in the Link and keep finding ways to get involved in subjects you are passionate about on and off campus!

Photo of Lauren Louie

Lauren Louie

Collegia Advisor

Building/Room: 1103 Building RM 105

Hi, I'm Lauren! I'm a sophomore in the English program with the intention to minor in political science and hopefully go to law school. This is my second year working at the Commuter Link and it's been an amazing opportunity to get to know other commuters and build relationships with them. A piece of advice I have for commuter students is to manage your time well! Between having to get to and from campus, it's hard to balance any kind of social life with class, family responsibilities, and possibly work as well, so time management is absolutely crucial. Your planner will be your new best friend!

Photo of Matúš Koronthály

Matúš Koronthály

Collegia Advisor

Building/Room: 1103 Building RM 105

My name is Matúš Koronthály. I am a Junior in the Alber school of Business, majoring in Marketing. I am also a Collegia Advisor for the second time this year. Besides this, I am also a commuter student and the Collegia's resident history buff.
As for the advice for new Commuter Students bit, learn to enjoy your commute and make the most of being on Capital Hill. You have to drive or bus up here anyway, so find things you enjoy doing in the area - clubs, sports, music venues are all fairly accessible from campus. Don't fixate on getting and from school as fast as possible.

Photo of Sophia LeBel

Sophia LeBel

Collegia Advisor

Building/Room: 1103 Building RM 105

Hey, I'm Sophia! I grew up here in Washington, and I couldn't think of a better place to be. I am currently a Sophomore here at Seattle U, and I intend to major in Digital Design with a minor in Business, This is my first year working as a Collegia Advisor, and currently my time is split between the Commuter Link and the McGoldrick Collegium. Outside of school, I love to explore the rainy city, cuddle with my rabbits, attend comic book conventions, and train dogs for competitions.
My favorite part of this job is most definitely the time I get to spend learning about all the wonderful people that walk through the Link doors. My number-one piece of advice for first and second year commuting students is to try everything you possibly can! You will learn so much more by saying 'yes' to new opportunities rather than saying 'no'.