Spring Clothing Swap

Happy Spring Cleaning!

Monday, May 6- Tuesday, May 7, 2019, 8 AM- 4 PM

The Commuter Link is hosting a campus-wide clothing swap! Our goal is to focus on sustainable ways to upgrade and clean out your wardrobe while bringing the campus community together for a great cause. The event is free and open to all members of the Seattle University Community. 

Dropping Off Items

Please bring all clothing items, shoes, bags, etc. that you no longer use to the Commuter Link, which is located in the East Madison Building 1103, Room 105. You can drop off items anytime between between 8 AM- 4 PM on Monday, April 29th- Thursday, May 2nd. We will not accept undergarments, bathing suits, items with food stains, holes, or broken straps. A check will be performed before the event to ensure all items meet this criteria. There is no obligation to donate to pick up new pieces, as well as there is no obligation to pick up new pieces to donate.  


Left over clothing items will be donated to Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets (PSKS) located in downtown Seattle. PSKS supports homeless youth and young adults to empower themselves and lead positive and self-sufficient lives.

Bring a Food Item

To also address the need of food security, we are accepting donations for Seattle University's Food Pantry. Bring a food item to be be entered into a drawing to win a prize!

Items that are especially needed:

  • Culturally relevant ingredients (soy sauce, chili oil, salsa, etc.)
  • On-the-go breakfast items (bagels, granola bars, pastries, etc.)


Email collegia@seattleu.edu, call (206)-296-2191, or stop by the Commuter Link (1103 Building, Room 105).

Spring Clothing Swap
Spring Clothing Swap

Donate. Sustainability. Community.

Item Drop Off

4/29- 5/2, 8 AM- 4 PM


Hand with Heart

Support PSKS!

Shopping Basket
Bring a Food Item

Support the Seattle U Food Pantry!

"The Spring Clothing Swap was by far my favorite event of the year! It not only allowed me to recycle old clothes I no longer needed, but I was also able to find unique, trendy clothing in my size."

Courtney Baker Student

"It’s easy to fall into the trap of shopping fast fashion clothes on a college budget. Last year’s clothing swap provided an affordable, sustainable avenue for students to find new clothes. The timing is great because it’s around the season where everyone is doing some spring cleaning and is ready to Marie Kondo their life!"

Haley Witt Student