Commuter Students

Welcome Commuter Students!

Your home away from home

Whether you drive from across the lake, take the LightRail from the south or trek in while getting some exercise, you are an integral part of our campus. We’re excited to welcome you to The Links Program.

We encourage you to stop by to meet our staff, connect with other students, and learn more about the resources and programs available to you.

Downloading the Commuter Resource Guide is a great place to start! We also hope you'll grab our Tips for Commuter Families Handout.

Visit the collegium that you most closely identify with. You may find you fall within more than a single group, so feel free to utilize whichever spaces speak to you.

  • The Commuter Link: all commuter students
  • Transfer Link: all transfer students
  • Graduate and Adult Learner Link: adult learners over the age of 25 and graduate students

Meal Plans

A little something for everyone

Commuter meal plans are available to add to your SU ID card for use at any of the dining options on campus and come in an assortment of plans to ensure you're good to go on campus. From a minimal plan of $5/day to a day's worth of meals at $15/day, you'll find something that fits your schedule.

Meal Plans

Lockers & Showers

Your On-Campus Storage

Lockers are available to rent for all commuter students. To sign up for one, visit The Commuter Link or stop by the Redhawk Resource Hub Desk

There is also a locker room with showers available on campus specifically for commuter students. These showers are located at the west end of the first floor of the Student Center. To get access to these showers, please contact Public Safety, let them know you are a commuter student and to add the shower access to your card. Once you are in the system, just swipe your card to get in.

There are additional showers available at the Redhawk Center, the recreation/athletics center, located at the corner of 14th and E. Cherry. Bring your SU ID Card for access.

Lockers & Showers