Adult Learners

Welcome Adult Learners!

Adult Learners are a vibrant part of the Seattle University community bringing to the campus important life experience that enhances the in and out of classroom experience for others. Often, our adult learners serves as a model for other students a strong commitment to their education, an ability to juggle a myriad of responsibilities, and a wisdom that comes from additional life experience.

Seattle U uses the following markers to determine adult learners:

  • 25 years+ (some use 24+)
  • Married, have families, or are single parents
  • Working professionals (have not previously completed their degree)
  • Returning students (took a few years off of school)

Adult Learner students are an increasing presence in higher education. According to an Associated Press report 20.8% of U.S. college and university students in 2001 were age 35 or over and according to U.S. Dept. of Education adult learner (undergrads) represent the fastest-growing student population in the country.

For resources that might be helpful as a student who commutes to campus, check out Commuter Resources.