About Us

Our Mission

  • Increasing students' ability to navigate higher education
  • Recognizing and removing barriers to success for marginalized populations by creating meaningful campus relationships
  • Utilizing efficient technologies and research to make effective student-centered decisions
  • Celebrating student accomplishments and holistic development

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How do we support our mission?

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We are committed to creating a Seattle University that continually works to remove barriers to success for all students.

Our Vision Statement Student Success & Outreach

Why We Do What We Do

We believe that every student has the potential to impact the world beyond themselves and live a life of purpose. We aim to provide the tools to challenge the process, question the status quo and advocate for oneself.

Acknowledging the Native Peoples of the Pacific Northwest 

We respectfully acknowledge that Seattle University is on the homelands of the Coast Salish people, who continue to steward these lands and waters as they have since time immemorial. We recognize Washington's tribal nations and Native organizations, who actively create, shape, and contribute to our thriving communities. 

Seattle University is committee to doing our part to engage with, and amplify the voices of, Native peoples and tribes..* 

* Through collaboration, Seattle University’s Indigenous Peoples Institute and Campus Ministry created language that acknowledges the history, lands, and waters of the Coast Salish people.