COVID-19 Testing

COVID testing available in the SHC


COVID-19 PCR testing is available for diagnosis and surveillance of SARS CoV-2. For students seeking testing due to symptoms, known close contact exposure, or just concerned please call the SHC at 206-296-6300. Your health insurance can be billed by the test lab.

For students tested for surveillance testing they may schedule through the patient portal for the mass test clinics in the Murphy garage. Students who are selected for surveillance testing do not provide health insurance information.


Seattle University COVID-19 Surveillance Testing Program

Seattle University has started a COVID-19 surveillance testing program. This is one step the university is taking to mitigate and monitor the spread of COVID-19 in our community. A surveillance testing program means that samples of students will be selected and tested for COVID-19 who don’t have symptoms or known exposure to the virus. The purpose of this type of testing program is to allow the university to monitor and address prevalence of COVID-19 on campus and make timely decisions on intervention and response such as identifying asymptomatic cases for isolation.

Testing will primarily be through a mass test clinic format on Wednesday and Thursday in the Murphy garage. Limited appoitnments are available for those students unable to make either test clinic that week. The test is a self-collected swab from the front part of the nose but observed by a healthcare provider. If a student is selected, they will be notified via their university email to schedule a date and time, along with instructions for next steps. This is a required program. There will be no cost to students participating in the testing through the Seattle University Student Health Center.


Students who have been selected for surveillance testing will receive an email notifying them of being selected.

    1. “No news is good news”, so if you don’t hear from the SHC within 3 days your test was negative. A copy of your negative results will be sent within 1-2 weeks for your records.
    1. The Wednesday and Thursday clinics are in the MURPHY garage on the 3rd level
    2. You will get your test kit at the appointment
    3. Be prepared to show your:
      1. SU ID
      2. Safe Start Health Check email for that day
      3. Completed Altius Consent form by logging into your medical portal or printing and bringing with you
    4. Do not come to a surveillance testing clinic in the Murphy Garage if you have symptoms or have been identified as a close contact, instead call the SHC to schedule a Zoom visit
    5. If you made plans for testing outside of these clinic hours follow the directions given to you by the SHC staff at the time you scheduled your appointment
    1. Go to the Student Medical Portal:
    2. Select Appointment on the top bar
    3. Pick a day/time for the virtual observation on Wednesday or Thursday
    4. Complete Altius Consent Form
      1. It is preferred that the consent be completed on the portal, but the form is attached to this email in case you have problems with the portalYOU DO NOT NEED
    6. If you can’t get into the online scheduling or the dates/times available don’t work with your schedule, call the Student Health Center to schedule outside of the COVID test clinic hour

    • Positive COVID test within the last 90 days – Send copy of test to the SHC
    • Already participated in surveillance testing within the last 14 days - Send a secure message or email to the SHC to notify them and if tested outside of SU send a copy of the test results
    • Not currently living in WA state and/or not coming onto campus at all – Send a secure message or email to the SHC to notify them


Can I opt-out of testing?

There are only a few reasons why students may be able to opt-out of testing: 

  • They have a disability that would physically preclude them from having the test done.
  • They are currently sick and need to be tested for diagnostic reasons
  • They have an order by public health official/provider to maintain quarantine/isolation.
  • They have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 90 days.
  • Student athlete who has been tested through SU athletics surveillance testing within the last week

If you believe you meet criteria to opt out of the COVID test, please contact the SHC staff through Medicat secure messaging

Is testing required?

Yes, this is a required program. There will be no costs to students participating in the surveillance testing through the SU SHC.

What if I want to get tested somewhere else?

If preferred, you may be tested by another source within a week of the email notification. Students must share the results with Seattle University. The city of Seattle has many free testing sites with appointments available on weekends. Testing is usually free at these sites but SU will not reimburse for any costs resulting from testing done at alternative facilities. If you chose this option, upload your results to the Medicat portal (same process as pre-arrival test results) and send a secure message to the SHC staff to notify them

Who will be eligible to be assigned for testing? 

All students living in SU housing as well as students attending in person classes/labs or accessing campus. You may be selected to test more than one time throughout the quarter.

Can students volunteer for the testing protocol? 

No, not as part of the surveillance program. If you want to be tested voluntarily instead, please contact the Student Health Center for an appointment.

How will students be selected?

Samples will be pulled on a weekly basis. Students will be contacted by SU email Friday evening with detailed directions.

How do I find out about my results?

If you don’t hear from the SHC within 3 days your results were negative

If your test is positive, you will be notified by the SHC

What if I don’t get tested?

Failure to respond and schedule a test may result in a registration and transcript hold as well as a loss of access to university spaces and a referral to the Office of Student Conduct & Integrity Formation.

What if a student has documentation that they have tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies or have previously tested positive for COVID-19?

If they have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 90 days, they should upload their documentation to Medicat. Not all COVID testing is accepted. For example, antibody testing is not accepted.



Fall Pre-arrival COVID testing requirement


For all students who will be on campus fall quarter in any capacity to be tested in a 2-3 week period prior to start of fall quarter. This testing will give us a starting point and knowing all students accessing campus tested negative for COVID-19 in a specific time period prior to the start of fall quarter.

Who needs to be tested

Any undergraduate, graduate, or law student who plans to be physically on the campus

For example:

  • Living in residence halls
  • Enrolled in classes meeting in person
  • Any plans for meeting up with faculty, staff, or other students in person
  • Accessing services such as the library and Redhawk dining

Timing of Test

  • For students moving into the residence halls, testing should occur within 10 days prior to their move in date
  • Student who moved into campus housing early such as athletes and RA’s should be tested in the time frame of 8/15 – 8/31
  • Off campus students who will be accessing campus should be tested in the time frame of 8/15 – 9/4 and have results prior to fall quarter
  • With the fall semester starting earlier for the law school, law students should be tested after 8/7/20 and are required to submit test results by 8/31

Required Test

PCR for SARS CoV-2 that has received FDA EUA (emergency use authorization) - nasopharyngeal, anterior nasal, saline nasal rinse, saliva, etc

  • Tests that are NOT acceptable include antigen and antibody (IgM, IgG)

Required Documentation

Lab reports will be needed which include:

  • Identification information for student such as name and date of birth
  • Type of the test administered
  • Results
  • Name and address of lab

Management of Results

All students will need to upload the results to patient portal under “immunizations” (for detailed steps see FAQ below)

Students moving onto campus are required to bring a hard copy of the results to show at the time they are checking into their room

  • This is in addition to uploading to the patient portal which should be done prior to move in if possible
  • To expedite check in please circle or highlight “PCR” on the lab document that will be shown to housing staff

Where to get tested