Winter 2022 Entry Testing Requirement


All students planning to be on campus for any reason during Winter quarter (or Spring semester for law students)  must complete and submit documentation of entry testing for COVID-19. This could include coming to campus for classes but also for using the library, rec center, on campus events, etc.


Who is Required to Get Tested?  


All vaccinated and unvaccinated undergraduate, graduate, and law students who will be physically on-campus for classes or other university activities (e.g., using the gym or library) during Winter Quarter 2022/Law Spring Semester 2022.  This includes residential and commuter students. This requirement also applies to residential students who remain on campus over Winter Break.  


What if I am Fully Vaccinated? 

Even if you are fully vaccinated, you are required to submit a COVID-19 test result by January 10, 2022. This entry testing requirement applies to all students who will be physically on campus regardless of vaccination status. 


When Should I Get Tested? 

Get tested between January 2 – January 7, 2022.   


When are My Results Due? 

Upload your results no later than January 10, 2022. Upload your results to the COVID-19 Test Results Submission form. Do not email your results and do not upload them to the Student Health Portal. Due to the later start of spring semester, law students deadline for uploading results is extended to January 17, 2022.


Where Can I Get Tested? 

You can get tested with your healthcare provider or any testing site of your choice.  An on-campus testing kiosk is also available at 


What Tests are Acceptable? 

Any PCR or antigen test is acceptable. We cannot accept results from at-home test kits.  


Where Do I Upload My Results? 

Upload your results to the COVID-19 Test Results Submission form.  Do not email your results and do not upload them to the Student Health Portal.  


Who is Exempt from Entry Testing? 

  • Recent Positive COVID-19 Test: You are exempt from entry testing if you test positive for COVID-19 in the 90 days before January 10, 2022.  Report your positive test at 


  • Virtual Only Students: You are exempt from entry testing if you will not be physically on-campus during Winter Quarter 2022/Law Spring Semester 2022.  Request an off-campus exemption between January 2, 2022 – January 10, 2022 here: Off-Campus Testing Exemption (select option 2 on the first page). Even if you filled out this form last quarter, you need to fill it out again to renew your exemption for Winter Quarter. Do not complete this form for Winter Quarter before January 2, 2022.


  • Staff/Faculty: Individuals whose primary relationship with Seattle University is as a faculty or staff member are exempt from the student entry testing requirement.  If you received this message and you are primarily a staff or faculty member, please email  Students with on-campus student employment positions are not exempt from this requirement. 


What is the Penalty for Non-Compliance? 

Students who do not upload their entry test results to this form or have an approved testing exemption on file by January 10, 2022 (January 17 for law students) will receive a $250.00 non-compliance fine.  


Why is Seattle University requiring entry testing for all vaccinated and unvaccinated students? 

Entry testing provides an opportunity to identify and isolate asymptomatic COVID-19 cases, which helps to stop the spread of COVID-19 in our community.  


Logging into COVID-19 Test Results folder


If you are having any difficulty getting into the folder to upload your test results some options to try:

  • Make sure you are logged into the SU network
  • Try a different browser
  • Use a private or incognito window to access