All Seattle University students who are currently taking classes are eligible for consultation and treatment at the Student Health Center including during breaks when the SHC is open. Full policy for being seen at the SHC: Accessing Care in the SHC

New students who are enrolled but haven't begun classes can been seen for required immunizations.



Costs & Payment

  • All students are charged a $5 administrative visit fee for all visits with a Nurse Practitioner
  • Students will be responsible for the charges that are incurred during their visit. Payment is required at the time services are rendered. We accept cash, check, debit & credit card. No Campus Cards.
  • Please view the 18-19 Fee Sheet for costs of all medical services within the SHC
    • The Student Health Insurance Plan can be billed for all fees except the $5 administrative visit fee (this is only for medical services listed on the fee sheet)
    • No other insurance companies can billed for these fees. Students can request an itemized receipt to submit to their insurance company for reimbursement at checkout. Due to the significant variance in insurance policies, it is important for students to know what their plan covers and whether they will be reimbursed for the services received at the SHC. It is the responsibility of the student to know what their insurance plan covers.
  • Services provided outside the Student Health Center are the responsibility of the student and their medical insurance (this includes laboratory testing done at LabCorp)

18-19 Fee Sheet


FAQ's about Eligibility, Costs, & Payments

I heard that everything at the health center is free for students. Is this really true?

There is a $5.00 administrative visit fee for students to see a Nurse Practitioner at the Seattle University Student Health Center. At most other medical clinics there is a flat office visit charge of around $100.00 that does not include medications, lab charges and exam charges.

What do I have to pay for?

Aside from the $5.00 administrative visit fee, there may charges for tests, immunizations (including flu shots) and special surgical procedures based.  We try to keep our prices as low as possible so that all students can benefit from using the Health Center.

How can I pay?

Cash, check, debit or credit card (only Visa and Mastercard).  Students must pay for services and tests at the time of their visit.  We are not able to accept the Campus card.

I have student insurance. Doesn't this cover all of the charges?

Even students with the Student Health Insurance Plan are responsible for the $5 administrative visit fee. Other fees charged at the SHC can be billed to the student insurance. See the

18-19 Fee Sheet