19-20 Student Health Insurance

The waiver and JCB student insurance portal are now open for all students.

Student Health Insurance

For the 2019-2020 academic year Seattle University has teamed up with JCB Insurance Solutions to offer a Student Health Insurance Program through Aetna Student Health. The full premium cost for the academic year is $2181. Full-time undergraduate students at Seattle University are required to have health insurance but may waive the student health plan if they have health insurance with comparable coverage in the state of Washington. If not waived, the student will be automatically enrolled in the Aetna Student Health plan.

Students must actively waive the health insurance every year. Waivers from previous years do not roll over.

2019-2020 Student Insurance Plan WAIVER 

A student may waive out of the student health insurance plan by filling out an online waiver and providing proof of active health insurance that covers primary care services in Washington State. A plan that only provides urgent and emergency care is insufficient to waive the student health insurance. Plans that typically meet the minimums for the waiver include most PPO and POS plans and Washington-based HMO plans. Many students with out of state Kaiser can register as a visiting member with Kaiser Permenanete of Washington. Insurances that usually do not meet the minimum requirement of the waiver include out-of-state HMO plans and state-sponsored Medicaid plans outside of Washington.

The deadline to waive is October 2, 2019. Students who waive in the fall will be automatically waived in the winter, and spring/summer terms. To access the waiver you will need to create an account at JCB student insurance portal

If you have opted to waive the Student Health Insurance Plan, you are waived for the entire 2019-2020 academic year. If you do not complete the waiver before the posted Fall deadline, you will have another chance to waive in the Winter. Please remember: The waiver is completed the first quarter of every academic year, regardless of when you last waived. Even if you were waived last year, you will need to apply for the waiver again fall quarter of this academic year.

2019-2020 Student Insurance Plan

Seattle University offers a Student Health Insurance Plan to all enrolled students through Aetna Student Health. This is a nationwide policy which means you will be covered in the Seattle area as well as while you are back home. Premiums are billed to your student account by quarter with spring and summer combined into one term. Your coverage is continuous through 8/31/20 unless you graduate or withdraw during the academic year; in those cases, your term ends at the end of that quarter and you are not billed for subsequent quarters. The Student Health Insurance Plan will become active September 1, 2019.

Medical Plan:  Aetna Student Health

             19-20 Aetna Student Health brochure

Coverage dates and premium:





Annual cost

Term Start Date (12:01 am)





Term End Date (11:59 pm)




Total Student Rate







JCB Insurance Solutions (Information or questions about the student health insurance and waiver)

JCB student site: JCB student insurance portal                               

JCB/Seattle University Help Line: 206-201-0291
JCB student services email: StudentServices@JCBins.com

Aetna Student Health insurance (Questions specifically about insurance coverage)

Email: www.aetnastudenthealth.com
Phone: 877-480-4161
19-20 Aetna Student Health brochure

Optional Student Health Insurance Coverage

For students who are not required to have health insurance, as well as dependents, there is the option of electively enrolling in the same student health insurance plan offered to the full time undergraduate students. To enroll yourself and/or your dependents you will need to create an account with JCB Student Insurance. From there you can enroll and pay the premium. You will need to return to the JCB site each term to confirm continued enrollment and pay the next terms premium.

2019/2020 School of Law students
Open enrollment for fall semester: 6/10/19-9/18/19
Premium: $912.00 for fall semester
Coverage dates: 8/1/19-12/31/19

2019/2020 Domestic Grad, Part-time Domestic Grad
Open enrollment for fall quarter: 6/10/19-10/5/19
Premium: $727.00 for fall quarter
Coverage dates: 9/1/19-12/31/19

JCB student insurance portal

We encourage all students to register on the insurance portal. 

  • Access and submit your insurance waiver
  • Find information about Aetna student insurance
  • Information about insurance in general
  • Confirm enrollment in Aetna for FT domestic undergrad and international students
  • Enroll dependents
  • Law, Domestic grad, and PT undergrad students: Enroll in Aetna insurance plan and pay premium