Student Experience


Our work is focused on the student experience. It directly connects with Strategic Directions Goals 1-5: 

  1. Reimagine and revise our curriculum
  2. Strengthen professional formation for all
  3. Enhance the student experience
  4. Promote Inclusive excellence
  5. Repositionfor change

With this engagement, we aim to more fully develop Seattle University as an inclusively excellent, student-ready institution.

Focus Areas

Working with campus partners we have identified four key aspects of the student experience where the University has the opportunity to make the highest positive impact through systemic innovation and reimagining. We look forward to diving more deeply in these areas by engaging with multiple student voices, campus partners, and external benchmarking partners and stakeholders around those identified aspects (in alphabetical order).

  • Advising
  • Belonging
  • Onboarding
  • Professional Formation

Cases for Change

The Student Experience group will develop a Case for Change for each focus area, in a process that is both iterative and incremental.

Undergraduate Advising Case for Change

Onboarding Update & New Undergraduate Student Orientation Case for Change


Joe Cater, Co-chair

Michelle Etchart, Co-chair
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Hilary Flanagan, Co-chair
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Joelle Pretty, Co-chair