Administrative Programs and Services Review


In alignment with Goal 5, “Reposition for Change,” of the Strategic Directions 2020-2025 document, Seattle University will review non-academic programs and services* across the institution to better understand the strengths and contributions of each to the mission fulfillment and sustainability of the university. ​The APSR working group will design and implement a process for this review, resulting in recommendations to transition to a portfolio that ensures mission fulfillment, alignment with the Strategic Directions, financial sustainability, commitment to the student experience, risk management, and the continued investment in diversity, inclusion, and equity. ​Based on these recommendations, the university will: improve, modify, or discontinue programs and services. In addition, the review of programs and services will ensure continuous improvement and foster institutional accountability by collecting and analyzing relevant data, developing clear and measurable outcomes, tracking progress and communicating results to members of the campus community.

*Definition of Program or Service: An administrative program or service is a non-instructional program, service, or functional unit that is not assessed strictly in terms of academic goals and/or learning objectives. These non-instructional programs, services, or units may be housed within one Division, School, or College, or may be distributed across more than one.​


High-Level Goals

  • Design and implement a standardized methodology for the review of administrative programs and services that progressively selects, assesses, and recommends program/service changes to be implemented by divisional leaders, and tracks follow-through. 
  • Ensure that administrative programs and services demonstrate quality, excellence, and alignment with the Strategic Directions. 
  • Ensure that administrative programs and services reflect current and emerging student needs, encourage student success, and improve student learning and engagement. 
  • Align the administrative program and services financial goals with the university’s capacity for investment, informed by the 5-Year Plan 
  • Develop recommendations and strategies concerning future directions and provide evidence supporting plans, within impacted areas.
  • Review all administrative programs and services of the University in a period of 5 years, with no fewer than 7 distinct programs and services per year.


Wilson Garone, Co-chair
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Alvin Sturdivant, Co-chair
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Chris Van Liew, Co-chair
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Sarah Watstein, Co-chair
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Goal 5