Academic Program Portfolio Review


It will proceed in stages:

  1. Stage One will proceed while academic calendar review is taking place. It will identify programs that fall below a defined threshold (based on enrollment trends, net tuition revenue, and anticipated market demand) such that they should be considered for elimination or downsizing regardless of the outcome of the academic calendar review.  While the set of programs slated for phase one review will be identified through objective enrollment, financial and market criteria, decisions and outcomes will give due consideration to mission and academic character through clearly defined criteria developed at the beginning of the process.
  2. Stage Two will be a deeper and more fully comprehensive review of academic programs to identify opportunities to streamline academic program offerings. This phase will look at potential redundancies across similar disciplines (i.e. mental health and leadership), small programs with insufficient staffing, and opportunities for more efficient department and organizational structures.  It will identify a set of changes that can be implemented either as part of a conversion to semesters or in alignment with the implementation of the curriculum revisions outlined below.


Terri Clark, Co-chair

Bob Dullea, Co-chair

Goal 1
Reimagine and revise our curriculum
Goal 3
Goal 5