Academic Calendar Review


We use the acronym ROC-ACR throughout our work and this website to stay grounded in our connection to the broader aim of Strategic Directions Goal 1 that calls us to reimagine our curriculum (ROC) and has identified academic calendar review (ACR) as an essential first step.  This first step is inherently connected to all five goals of the Strategic Directions that call us to strengthen student professional formation, enhance the student experience, support the success of our community, and reposition our university for change.


The process of reviewing academic calendar options will be grounded in Seattle University’s mission, high quality research, institutional qualitative and quantitative data, and campus input, paying particular attention to issues of equity, inclusion, and diversity in its process of conducting such a review. A thorough review should include (but is not limited to) an analysis of the impacts on academic quality/rigor, student learning and experience, student recruitment and retention, faculty and staff workload and experience, business/administrative processes, competitive and financial viability and growth, as well as an analysis of the experiences and practices of other institutions who have examined and changed their academic calendars.

The ROC-ACR Working Group members will approach the work as University citizens with an inquiry-based mindset. We will create and deliver a report of our findings and viable academic calendar models to the Provost by the end of Winter Quarter and will sponsor a referendum on the models in April 2021. The Provost will make a recommendation to the President. The President will review and present the final recommendation to the Board of Trustees.

Goal 1
Reimagine and revise our curriculum


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