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The School of Theology and Ministry continues to support students' vocations as they graduate and enter into their respective fields. The school's many relationships and partnerships act as a robust network for connecting students to opportunities for work that have the potential to develop into successful ministerial careers. These school partners know the value of an education from the School of Theology and Ministry and specifically seek our graduates. Our Assistant Director of Admissions and Student Services, Carolyn M. Dougherty serves as a liaison between these partners and students/alumni.

Job Opportunities: 

Now Hiring: Ballard First Lutheran Church
Part Time Organist - Ballard First Lutheran Church

Now Hiring: Immaculate Conception Church, Arlington, WA
Pastoral Asst for Faith Formation-Job Description And Employment App

Now Hiring: The Wesley Club
Associate Minister of Outreach-The Wesley Club

Now Hiring: Far West Family Services EAP, Lynnwood, WA
Marriage and Family therapist - Far West Family Services EAP in Lynnwood

Now Hiring: St. Hubert Church, Langley, WA
Pastoral Asst for Admin St. Hubert Church Langley WA

Now Hiring: Spring Hill College, Mobile, AL
Campus Minister for Spirituality & Faith Formation Spring Hill College Mobile AL

Now Hiring: Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon
Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon Superintendent of Catholic Schools-3 Documents

Now Hiring: Haller Lake UMC
Minister of Music Haller Lake UMC

Now Hiring: Pulpit Supply-small historical church in Maltby
Pulpit Supply-small historical church in Maltby

Now Hiring: Far West Family Services EAP
Marriage and Family Therapist Far West Family Services EAP

Now Hiring: St. James Church
Director of Ministries for Children Youth and Families St. James Church

Now Hiring: Emmanuel Episcopal Church
Christian Formation Coordinator (PT) Emmanuel Episcopal Church

Now Hiring: Missiongathering Issaquah
Children's Ministry Director Missiongathering Issaquah

Now Hiring: Next Generation Leadership
Associate Pastor- Next Generation Leadership

Now Hiring: Seattle First Baptist Church

SFBC - Associate Pastor - October 2017 v4

Now Hiring: St. Leo Parish
St. Leo Parish_Pastoral assistant and part-time assistant

Now Hiring: Blaine Memorial United Methodist Church
Blaine Memorial United Methodist Church_Part Time Youth Leader

Now Hiring: Opal: Food+Body Wisdom, Full time Family Therapist
Opal: Food + Body Wisdom

Now Hiring: 4 Parish Cluster in South Seattle
Pastoral Assistant for Youth Ministry

Now Hiring: Catholic College Campus Ministry
Campus Minister for Spirituality and Faith Formation

Now Hiring: BelPres Resident at ReNew, Bellevue, WA.
BelPres Resident at ReNew

Now Hiring: Bellevue Presbyterian Ministry Resident
Bellevue Presbyterian Ministry Resident

Now Hiring: St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
St. John the Baptist Catholic Church_Pastoral Ministry

Now Hiring: Wedgwood Community Church, Song Leader
Wedgwood Community Church

Now Hiring: The Center for Ministry in the West, Executive Director
The Center for Ministry in the West

Now Hiring: St. Leo Catholic Church, Youth Minister
St. Leo Catholic Church

Now Hiring: WSPC Project Coordinator
WSPC Project Coordinator

Now Hiring: WSPC Youth and Outreach Minister
WSPC Youth and Outreach Minister

Now Hiring: Call of Compassion Intern
Call of Compassion NW Intern

Now Hiring: Disciples NW, Ministry Coordinator

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Please reach out to Carolyn Dougherty, Assistant Director of Admissions & Student Services at or 206-296-5333.