Women, Image and Identity: Women & Leadership 11/3

October 25, 2016

Join the Ecumenical and Interreligious Initiative for this special evening that seeks to acknowledge the complexity of women's experience. Given the national dialogue in relationship to women and gender this past year surrounding the upcoming election and the possibility of electing the first female president in the United States, the effects of rhetoric, policy, political polarization and national climate are directly and disproportionately felt by women. These are most publicly played out in the gender-based attacks against Hillary Clinton and other visible women leaders, but are also present in the continued dismantling of health care and social services directly affecting women, violence against Black trans women and Muslim women, and “bathroom bills” that regulate access to public facilities based on gender assigned at birth.  It is clear that the harmful effects of gender discrimination are present in our own communities.  

Women, Image and Identity: Women & Leadership
Thursday, November 3  |  6:30pm
Seattle University Campus  |  Campion Ballroom
RSVP to turners4@seattleu.edu

Join us for dinner, hear the experience of others and give voice to your own experience. Discuss what you find in this electoral season to be fearful, inspiring, and imagine what a courageous response could be. There will be opportunities throughout the evening to share, create, or leave something that helps create courageous space.