Visiting Interreligious Scholar from University of Edinburgh

Written by Hannah Crivello
June 19, 2014

Dr. Nicholas Sean Adams will join Seattle University?s School of Theology and Ministry as a visiting international scholar from July through January 2015.

Dr. Adams is currently working on a theology and philosophy project for Oxford University Press, funded by the British Academy through a competitive research award. He chose the school in part because of its commitment to interfaith engagement, which is one of his core areas of research.

With a rich background in interfaith dialogue methodology of Scriptural Reasoning (reference site), Dr. Adams carries a great deal of experience in the active intersection with diverse people groups, having served as director of the interfaith program at the University of Cambridge, as well as serving as visiting professor at King?s College in Cambridge, the University of Virginia and Dartmouth College. Dr. Adams is currently Senior Lecturer in Theology and Ethics at the University of Edinburgh. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Cambridge.

Dean Mark S. Markuly, PhD remarks on behalf of the faculty, staff and students at the school:

?We are honored to have Dr. Adams on campus for six months to engage our faculty and students.? Because of the growing international visibility of the school, he is allowing us to begin a new tradition-?inviting distinguished international scholars to learn about the work of the school while we engage scholars' work to broaden our own understanding and more deeply ground our work."?

We talked with Dr. Adams this month about his selection of the School of Theology and Ministry at Seattle University and what he is looking forward to in his time at the school. Dr. Adams shared:

?Some years ago I was fortunate to meet Dean Mark Markuly.? I had just been at an event at Georgetown University, responding to a recent Muslim initiative to encourage dialogue with Christians.? Mark and I were talking about the significance of Jesuit institutions and people, and the role that Seattle University might play. I'm looking forward to exploring these issues further with Dr. Markuly and faculty colleagues, as well as sharing our experiences of interfaith engagement in Europe and North America and further afield.

I hope to meet colleagues and students who have an interest in interfaith engagement, but who also have a robust commitment to Christian doctrine, to explore the ways in which the pursuit of truth in our own tradition goes hand in hand with, and even reinforces, the pursuit of peace with other religious traditions. ?

In addition to his project work which will include use of the award-winning Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons, Dr. Adams will be available to meet with faculty, staff and students and will be hosting a public lecture.?