Upcoming Worship & Liturgy Events, Spring Quarter

April 4, 2016

At Seattle University’s School of Theology and Ministry, we benefit from a rich exchange of songs and hymns, prayers and practices from Christian traditions--as well as from our interfaith partners and spiritual but not religious students. We exchange these arts and practices daily in the classroom, weekly in student community groups, as well as daily, weekly and monthly in worship and liturgy together.

Reminder: Afternoon Worship
One tangible, experiential exchange takes place in the school's "Afternoon Worship" sessions throughout the academic quarter. These times are also opportunities for mentors in faith communities in the region to worship with our students and faculty. Students plan each special gathering and alongside director of worship and liturgy, Dr. Mark Lloyd Taylor. See below for upcoming afternoon worship dates. We hope you can join us!

Monday, April 11  |  Casey 500  |  4:45-5:30pm
Led by Rev. Julie Kae Sigars, Presbyterian Liturgical Chaplain

Thursday, April 21  |  Ecumenical Chapel  |  4:45-5:30pm
Led by United Church of Christ students and outreach team

Thursday, May 5  |  Ecumenical Chapel  |  4:45-5:30pm
Led by Unitarian Universalist students and outreach team

Thursday, May 12  |  Ecumenical Chapel  4:45-5:30pm
Led by Presbyterian students and outreach team

Thursday, June 2  |  Chapel of St. Ignatius  |  4:45-6:00pm
Graduating Student Liturgy for the Class of 2016

New! Community Prayer Breaks
A new opportunity for sharing in community worship are "Prayer Breaks." The worship and liturgy team have created intentional time for the school community to take a short break from whatever it is they happen to be doing and join together in interfaith prayer and meditation. Below is the schedule of prayer breaks during spring quarter. Step into the first floor of Hunthausen Hall to take a moment to recenter yourself and engage with the school community!

Wednesday, Apr 6  |  Afternoon Prayer Break  |  3:00-3:15pm
Saturday, Apr 16  |  Weekend Morning Prayer Break  |  10:30-10:45am
Wednesday, Apr 27  |  Afternoon Prayer Break  |  3:00-3:15pm
Wednesday, May 18  |  Afternoon Prayer Break  |  3:00-3:15pm