Dr. Michael Reid Trice and Dr. Christie Eppler receive promotions from Seattle University

April 11, 2017

It comes with great gratitude and pleasure to announce that two outstanding School of Theology and Ministry faculty received promotions in rank and position. Dr. Michael Reid Trice has been granted tenure and promoted to the rank of Associate Professor by President Stephen V. Sundborg, S.J., and Dr. Christie Eppler has been advanced to the rank of Professor. 

Dr. Trice and Dr. Eppler accomplished the feat of advancement while working as teachers, scholars and administrators in their respective programs. The advancements of both faculty members represent immense work, care, and passion for their teaching, scholarship, and service. Their success embodies the support given and received from their colleagues, self-discipline, and passion for students and their areas of expertise.

Dr. Trice serves as the Assistant Dean of Ecumenical and Interreligious Dialogue and is now Associate Professor (previously Assistant Professor) of Theological Ethics & Constructive Theology. Trice is grateful for the encouragement and accompaniment of his friends, family, and colleagues on his journey toward tenure. He says,

“They are the ones who encouraged me to take the time to focus on the work and also to take time to recover from these efforts. Tenure is not a place of arrival, like a stopping ground today that gives permission for stasis tomorrow.  Rather, tenure is a dynamic opportunity to continue on a professional journey alongside all colleagues – faculty and staff.  For me, this personal journey is correlated to an abiding interior sense of giving back as a scholar and teacher. It is a gift not to be squandered but to be fully employed, and at a time where the world needs all of us to make contributions toward a shared future.” 

Additionally, Dr. Trice’s experience and expertise in ecumenical and interreligious relations thrive in the School of Theology and Ministry. He reflects,

“The School of Theology and Ministry and Seattle University have some of the most insightful and dedicated religious partners I have encountered in my professional life. Their commitments inspire me as a professor and scholar. They are asking the right questions about our collective future, and care about the consequences of disruptive actions in our nation and the world. Receiving tenure amid these talented communities and people is especially important to me.”

Read more about Dr. Trice on his faculty page

Dr. Eppler is the director of the Couples & Family Therapy program and now advanced from Associate Professor to the status of Professor. She is an AAMFT approved supervisor, and she has put in tremendous work to establish the Couples & Family Therapy program as a competitive COAMFTE accredited program. Dr. Eppler thrives in the culture and mission of the Seattle University and within the School of Theology and Ministry.  She says,

“I am excited about the couples & family therapy program, the opportunity to integrate clinical skills with spirituality and theology, and to be part in a University that lives out a social justice mission.

It is a pleasure to be a part of the mission of Seattle University and its School of Theology and Ministry. I feel that my calling as an academic, specifically as a couple and family therapy educator, aligns well with Seattle University’s vision to educate the whole person, empowering leaders for a just and humane world.”

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