School of Theology and Ministry offers online marketing class to pastors and religious leaders

February 1, 2017

The School of Theology and Ministry is offering an online marketing and communications class, titled, “Developing the Must-Haves of Marketing and Communications” as a part of a special course series and certificate program, to support pastors and other religious leaders manage the “business” side of faith-based organizations.

This course, developed by the Economics and Pastoral Leadership Project, will provide an overview on marketing and communications opportunities, including how to create a communications plan for gatherings, programs and community life.

The Reverend Cheri Lovell, instructor for the course, highlights the hands-on learning and exploration of marketing and communications present in the course:

“Students will learn the fundamentals of developing a marketing and communications program — from creating a consistent experience of your ministry to ensuring the right message reaches the right people in the right way. This course will enable you to produce an actionable plan you can use to strengthen your ministry, now and in the future.”

For Lovell, having worked as a marketer for most of her career, in both the for- and not-for-profit communities, she enjoys “helping those working for a better world to become more savvy, more focused, more intentional and more skilled — getting the right message into the right hands and hearts, and ultimately making a difference in people's lives.” Lovell serves a principal consultant with her own practice called The Strategic Org through which she helps organizations and ministries become more intentional, sustainable and visionary.

The course and curriculum was developed by a team of professionals with a depth of expertise and experience in the fields of business leadership, consulting, marketing and communication, higher education and religious and pastoral professions. Program Manager for the Economics and Pastoral Leaderships Project, Thanh-Thuong (Thuong) ChuChe, believes:

“this course offers a contextualized presentation of marketing and communications concepts and tools for leaders of churches and not for profits.  Students have ample opportunities to apply what they learn through the Capstone project and as a result they will enhance their communications skills and strengthen their ministry.”

The “Developing the Must-Haves of Marketing and Communications” course may be taken for professional development or for graduate credit. Click here to register.

Questions about the course content please contact Thanh-Thuong ChuChe at or 206-296-5335.