The School of Theology and Ministry’s Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Contributes to International Practical Theology Research

February 9, 2017

The Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at Seattle University’s School of Theology and Ministry, Dr. Tito Cruz, will serve as Vice-President of the International Academy of Practical Theology (IAPT). Pending confirmation by members at their biennial conference in April, Dr. Cruz will serve a two year term as Vice-President after serving on IAPT’s executive board as a member-at-large and treasurer since 2013. The purpose of the International Academy of Practical Theology is the study of and critical reflection on practical theological thought and action. IAPT is the most comprehensive and most international body in its field.

The conference will take place in Oslo, Norway where Dr. Cruz will present his current research, a critical theological reflection entitled Migrant teachers: reframing enslaved spaces of imported labor in the United States. Through the lens of migration ethics and practical theology, Dr. Cruz examines how enslaved spaces of imported labor could be dismantled and reformed in the United States and beyond.

As a practical theologian, Dr. Cruz believes that teaching and learning effectiveness in the field of theology and leadership demands a non-negotiable, constitutive element: rootedness in reflective practice (praxis). He applies this theory and method in courses such as Leadership, Personality, and Culture; Earth Spirituality and Justice; Ignatian Leadership; Ministry in a Multicultural Context; Theological Reflection for Ministry; and Educational Ministry in the Church. He has also guided students conducting independent studies courses to apply a method of practical theology to the socio-economic, cultural, and ecological questions that affect the daily lives and struggles of their communities of accountability. He has already imagined how he will bring his new research into the classroom.

Cruz says:

“My current research will inform a possible special topics course on the intersection among religion, ethics, and immigration at a time when pastoral leaders struggle to find an effective response to the crisis of global migration.”

For more information about Tito Cruz, visit his faculty page